Keep an eye on everyone's travel plans


Increasingly in the modern world, unforeseen circumstances can affect the seamlessness of corporate travel. Our traveller tracking technology (Wexas TM Tracker) allows us to identify potential risks and confirm traveller safety with speed and accuracy.

Safe in the knowledge

By partnering with the industry-leading Riskline, a global travel security monitoring company, we proactively assess and monitor all bookings on a 24/7 basis. When there is an issue, we will contact you and your travellers and begin adjusting travel plans if required.

Duty of care

While risk intelligence is the first step to managing disruption, being able to undertake the next steps quickly is paramount to minimising the impact of extenuating circumstances.

Traveller safety is our top priority and underpins our entire approach to business travel services. In the event of an emergency, we can locate your employees via SMS, or email, offering them help and rebooking options.

We offer additional direct access to your employees, if you or your travel policy requires an additional layer of security. By using our traveller tracking, duty of care obligations can be fulfilled to an exacting standard and, most importantly, helps your travellers get the practical assistance needed in times of delay or crisis.