Mobile App


Designed to be the perfect corporate travel companion, Wexas TM Access redefines the concept of a simple, pain-free business travel experience.

Nothing left to chance

With all travel documentation stored within the app – from flights and hotel bookings to car hire details – you can rest assured your travellers are perfectly prepared for all steps of their journey. Reminder notifications, an integrated hotel booking system and GPS-based city map guides all help your employees in both day-to-day business travel and when there are sudden changes to plans.

Intuitive Travel

With the ability to check-in for flights straight from the app*, your employees won’t need to waste time downloading multiple airline apps just to check-in. Hotels can be booked should travel plans change at short notice.
*Most major airlines supported

Global app, local touch

With Wexas TM Access, your travellers can look up how to get there details, including local transport, taxis and self-drive routes, with time estimates, A-to-B maps and accurate prices all detailed to make on-the-ground travel as straightforward as possible. Not only that, but taxis can be booked from within the app (with pre-agreed fares and meeting points to prevent any hassle on arrival), ensuring a smooth experience for your travellers.

What’s more, the app provides local restaurant recommendations with a real-time map to help you get there. Getting there by taxi and struggling to communicate the address in a foreign language? Just press ‘Taxi driver’ and a clear address will show in the native language so the taxi driver can understand precisely where you’d like to go.