Our Technology


We invest heavily in the digital arena, providing you and your bookers with the tools required to succeed. From traveller tracking to our online booking tool, our full suite of technology is designed from the ground up to help you save money, receive transparent insight into your travel expenditure and enable your travellers to alter their plans on-the-go with minimal fuss.

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  • OnlineBooking

    Online Booking

    Allow your bookers to make their own travel reservations online 24/7. Wexas TM Online ensures cost-efficiency by pre-filtering class of travel, display maps showing in-policy hotels, includes your travel policies, and is always checked by our consultants for a quality booking guarantee.

  • Traveller Tracking

    Traveller Tracking

    Fulfil your duty of care by knowing your travellers' locations. We monitor destination risks before and during trips and send emergency pings to request confirmation of travellers' safety when potentially affected via email or SMS.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Real-Time Reporting

    Instantly access your travel spend and view at a glance savings and expenditure with our easy-to-read dashboard. Available on and offline, our transparent insight reports help you make smarter moves, faster.