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Some travel management companies are focused on super-efficient processing of travel transactions, emphasising how many bookings a consultant can make per hour and the highest possible online booking adoption. At Wexas our focus is different. We focus on making your travel spend go as far as possible and helping your travellers travel in better comfort and style.

Your Wexas account manager will spend a considerable amount of time with your company to begin with, in order to understand your business, strategy, growth and development plans, and any existing or new international markets your travellers are likely to frequent.

Once your travellers start travelling with us, particularly those travelling in premium cabins (accounting for the greatest percentage of your travel spend), our Wexas intelligent fares team will monitor their travel patterns and identify opportunities for savings. We take a holistic approach to travellers, rather than transactional, putting to use the many years of travel and ticketing expertise of our consultants. This enables us to spot opportunities to save money and often secure your traveller a free first class upgrade.

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Planes, trains and automobiles

Your travel spend can be further leveraged by using local market fares. A similar, intelligent approach to travellers and travel patterns, rather than single-trip transactions can also be applied to your company’s rail spend. Our specialist rail team only book rail tickets so have years of niche experience in spotting the best fares and ticketing combinations to make your travel spend go further. This specialisation and care means your domestic travel budget can yield significant savings and your sales team can spend more time out of the office, winning more new business.

We’ll be honest about car hire – there’s no secret solution in this aspect of business travel. However, we can ensure you receive the best price and advise on the type of booking that suits your travellers best. For example, many of our clients were unaware of the possibility of getting rental cars dropped off at lesser-known, convenient locations, rather than your travellers having to travel to collect a hire car. We’ll share all of our tips with no strings attached.

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Different airlines classify group travel differently. Some even require every party member to travel from the same airport, to the same airport, and on the same flights and times. Other airlines permit different departure airports and flight times and a lower number of travellers to qualify for a group rate. Even more are a mix of all these aspects. Confusing? It needn’t be. Our specialist Wexas groups team are on hand to spot the smallest opportunity and, at the other end of the spectrum, handle the very largest group size – from full plane charters to multiple departure and arrival points, flight times and dates.

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