Sourcing the Best Travel Options for You

Flying high

In recent times, if your company had a significant volume of travellers all flying the same route, your best option was for Wexas to negotiate your company a corporate route deal. As airline revenue management has developed, clients who fly a range of routes – not just back and forth to the same destination – have found route deals redundant. If it is, we will advise you of the choice of airlines available and negotiate you the best corporate deal with your preferred airline.

SME airline loyalty schemes

Equally, we will advise on airline loyalty schemes for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as British Airways On-Business, Emirates Business Rewards and Delta SkyBonus. By enrolling your company with an airline SME loyalty, you can benefit from discounted fares, flexible ticketing at restricted price rates, among other benefits. What’s more, this is in addition to your travellers’ ability to accrue their usual air miles and status points.

Corporate air miles

Many airline SME schemes also offer corporate miles, on which Wexas can advise best practice. Whether miles are used to fund internal meetings or annual conference travel, for upgrading junior travellers into a higher class of travel or for employee incentives and prizes, we can help you select the best use for them.

Maximum value and intelligent fares

With almost 70% of our clients’ air spend in premium cabins (Premium Economy, Business or First), we have the experience and understanding regarding identifying the right deal or combination of savings to maximise your return on travel investment. In addition to this, our Wexas intelligent fares approach can deliver further savings – often on the same seat or flight, and sometimes with free first-class upgrades thrown in.

Most importantly, we will work with you to help your travellers continue flying the airlines they most prefer. We don’t believe a saving is a good saving if your travellers arrive in less comfort, having had a bad flight experience to save you a few pounds, and then aren’t ready to close that all-important business deal or fresh for their first meeting with international partners and colleagues. Our own commitment to the service-profit chain has given us a clear insight into the value of happy, productive employees.

Sleeping sound

You may already have a preferred corporate rate with a hotel (or hotels) close to your local offices or convenient for your international offices, and it is often non-negotiable during hotel programme reviews. However well managed your hotel programme is, we will help assist negotiating, seeking to deliver significant savings. Whether it’s room and floor upgrades or receiving free breakfast and complimentary WiFi, added extras and the removal of hidden extras will mount up to provide better value than previously thought possible.

Our Wexas TM Online booking tool has handy maps which highlight the hotels closest to your office, those in your travel policy and those which are the cheapest per night and/or have a preferred company corporate rate at. This simple visual tool, as well as your Wexas consultants’ knowledge of your preferred hotel programme, can quickly yield company-wide savings and turn traveller complaints into happy, well-rested travellers.

Far-flung comfort

If you find your travellers heading to less well-trodden parts of the globe, rest assured that there is no-one better placed to help. With a diverse client portfolio and more than 45 years’ experience, it’s more than likely we’ll have first-hand experience from either one of our clients or consultants, with hotel recommendations and security and safety advice ready to hand. As a result, we’ll be able to help fulfil your employer duty of care needs to an exacting standard.