Our top 12 money-saving business travel tips


Saving money never goes out of fashion but here at Wexas Travel Management we believe in a concept we like to call ‘Economise, not Compromise’Our view is that you do not have to sacrifice convenience, flexibility and comfort in order to achieve savings. Here are a dozen of our favourite tips to help you get the very best possible deals.

Our Top 12 money-saving business travel tips

  1. Be sure you’re getting the best range of options and prices – always use a travel management company.
  2. Where appropriate (and possible) book early
  3. Review your travel policy and see whether it could be improved. We can help.
  4. Avoid alterations to your travel plans – some will involve increased costs
  5. Combine trips where sensible or plan additional appointments at the destination.
  6. Include a Saturday night stay in your trip as it may reduce the cost
  7. Be flexible when planning the trip and evaluate options on a cost/service (other than a mileage reward) basis.
  8. Accept ticket restrictions. Avoid fully flexible tickets, or purchase only when absolutely necessary
  9. Where flight, accommodation and transfers are required, mention these at time of enquiry so that a ‘business package’ can be considered.
  10. Travel by train. Advanced-booking fares in the UK are inexpensive and travel times can be significantly reduced.
  11. Book online. For straightforward journeys, accommodation and car hire, our online booking tool offers very low transaction fees, plus the reassurance that your consultant is on hand to assist you if required.
  12. Use Management Information Reports available from Wexas Travel Management to evaluate savings.