Covid-19: pre-travel checklist

It goes without saying that your new international travel experience will be different to what you will have experienced previously.

To help you prepare, we’ve put together checklist for each stage of the journey:

Health prep

  • Symptoms – have you recently displayed any symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature, a new, continuous cough and/or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)?
  • Insurance – is your company’s travel insurance policy valid for the destination you are travelling to? Does it cover the country in light of current FCO guidance?
  • Health – does your destination country require proof of negative Covid-19 status? If so, have you procured a test so you can receive the results within 72 hours of your departure?
  • Risk assessment – is your journey acceptable to your company’s risk assessment policy?

Travel prep

  • Face masks – do you know your destination country’s policy on wearing face masks in public and private spaces?
  • Airport terminal – have you double-checked your departure terminal? At Heathrow, for example, only Terminals 3 and 5 are open
  • Hotel – is your plan to get to your hotel confirmed? We do not recommend public transport if it can be helped
  • Fly direct – if you can fly direct, we recommend it. Layovers may be subject to country’s quarantine restrictions


  • Face masks – do you have enough for your journey? A typical face mask lasts for four hours before it needs cleaning or replacing, so factor in your end-to-end journey time and calculate accordingly
  • Hand sanitiser – be sure your portable hand sanitiser complies with your airport’s carry-on regulations. Some airports are allowing 150ml, but 100ml will comply everywhere
  • Thermometer – pack one so you can test your temperature before your return journey
  • Carry-on luggage – be aware many airlines now require carry-on luggage to be put in the hold
  • Hygiene wipes – you may wish to pack some so you can wipe down surfaces that you aren’t sure about

Outbound airport

  • Getting to the airport – double-check your route. Many trains and public transport are running a reduced service so do not presume your old level of accessibility
  • Arrival time – check your airport website for up-to-date information
  • Terminal – many airports are running reduced terminals (including Heathrow) so double-check what terminal you are flying from
  • Lounges – be aware that many are still closed
  • Food and drink – many restaurants and shops at the airport will be closed, so be sure to plan accordingly

Arrival destination

  • Transfer – ensure your transfer from the airport is pre-arranged and confirmed
  • Hotel details – be prepared to provide proof of your hotel stay and the hotel address
  • Contact tracing app – you may need to download your country's contact tracing app, so ensure you can connect to the airport WiFi or have data roaming
  • Hotel – you may need to check in online
  • Getting around – arrange private transportation when possible
  • Country information – double-check the country’s border information in case of any unexpected changes
  • Hotel – check it is open in case of any unexpected changes
  • Social distancing – check for local signage as it may differ to the UK

Many of these checks will be new to you, but there is no need for alarm. For the time being, travelling may be subject to more disruption than normal, but this can be mitigated by spending a little extra time planning. Use the checklist above to make sure you don’t miss anything.

And, of course, our UK-based team is on hand 24/7 to advise you of any changes, cancellations or other disruption, as well as answer any of your queries.

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