Lufthansa Group Booking Fee from 1st September 2015

Unfortunately on-going discussions by Wexas, other travel management companies and trade bodies have been unsuccessful in changing the Lufthansa Group’s intention to apply a surcharge of 16 euros on all reservations made via Global Distribution Systems (GDS) from 1st September 2015.

Therefore from 1st September, while we can still offer you Lufthansa Group (Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss) fares these will include the 16 euro surcharge, which will be clearly identified. As such other airlines are likely to be significantly cheaper for European trips and your Wexas business travel consultant will highlight savings and offer alternative choices to your travellers.

All travel management companies, like Wexas, use GDS’ to manage bookings and issue tickets. Because we can access all airlines’ fares through the GDS we are able to compare price, offer you alternative fares/airlines/routings as well as manage your corporate travel policy and traveller preferences. The GDS automatically updates our management information and traveller tracking. Sadly, Lufthansa’s website doesn’t provide Wexas and other business travel agents with the ability to change, refund or re-issue tickets in the event of changes in your travel plans or delays or strikes (of which there have been several for the Lufthansa Group so far this year). So direct booking is not an option.

Several legal challenges are underway against the Lufthansa Group by various trade bodies, and should the surcharge situation change (which we hope it does) we will notify you of any developments or changes.

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