Ban on large electronic devices from six countries

The UK government has announced that passengers on 14 airlines will not be able to bring on-board large electronic devices, including laptops and tablets, on direct flights from six countries to the UK: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Tunisia.

The ban applies to all airlines, including UK-based carriers such as British Airways, Thomas Cook, EasyJet and Monarch.

What constitutes a large electronic device?

Any electronic device that is larger than 16cm wide, 9.3cm high or 1.5cm deep will be banned. There are some smartphones that will be banned as a result, but technically all iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy phone range (excluding Galaxy tablets) and Blackberry phone range will be unaffected. Medical devices are exempt.

The full list of carriers affected by the ban is as follows:

  • British Airways
  • Thomas Cook
  • EasyJet
  • Monarch
  • Thomson
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Saudia
  • Tunis Air
  • Pegasus Airways
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Atlas-Global Airlines
  • Royal Jordanian

If you are booked onto a flight with one of these carriers with hand-luggage only, please contact your travel consultant as soon as possible as any electronic devices will need to be placed in the hold. Until we hear otherwise, normal cancellation and change fees will apply should you wish to change a ticket issued for an affected flight.

When does the ban come into effect?

The ban officially starts on 25 March 2017 but we are hearing reports of problems already. We are considering the change to be effective immediately.

My flight is via one of these countries, but my journey didn't start there. Am I affected?

Yes. As long as you board a flight from one of the six countries, the ban will apply. If you are flying via one of the affected countries and in transit, any large electronic devices will need to be placed in your checked luggage in your originating city. For example, if you are flying from Kuala Lumpur via Saudi Arabia, you will need to place your large electronic items in your checked luggage before boarding at Kuala Lumpur.

What about the US ban?

The ban put in place by the US government is different. The rule changes apply to flights originating from 10 airports – including Dubai International, which is not affected by the UK ban. The airports affected are:

  • Dubai International, UAE
  • Abu Dhabi International, UAE
  • Hamad International, Doha, Qatar
  • King Abdulaziz International, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • King Khalid International, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait International Airport
  • Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cairo International Airport, Egypt
  • Queen Alia International, Amman, Jordan

The US has not ruled out adding more airports to the list, or set a specific timeframe for the ban. It also has not specified dimensions for electronic devices, but anything over the size of a typical smartphone should be considered problematic.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager.

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